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08/2016 First analysis using an improved P. pacificus genome assembly (version Hybrid2) was published (Rödelsperger et al. 2016). We would like to thank again Barbara Meyer and Erich Schwarz for providing us with PacBio data and improving the scaffolding.
07/2016 We have sequenced the genome of Oryctes borboniucs, a beetle host of P. pacificus on la Ràunion Island in the Indian ocean. The genome including annotations has been submitted to NCBI Genbank, but is also available on
05/2016 A recent study in BMC Bioinformatics has used various genomic and transcriptomic data sets to show that most P. pacifcus orphan genes are truly protein-coding (Prabh and Rödelsperger, 2016).
02/2015 New Sommer lab website:
07/2014 Trans-splicing in P. pacificus ( Sinha et al. 2014 ) - a study in collaboration with Christoph Dieterich's lab identified around 2000 operon-like structures in P. pacificus of which only around 130 are shared with C. elegans. Based on transcriptome data from different RNA-seq libraries, a new set of gene predictions (version snapOP) was generated and is available here
01/2014 We resequenced 104 natural isolates in order to characterize of genetic diversity in P. pacificus on a genome-wide scale (Rödelsperger et al. 2014). This population genomic data in combination with the draft genome of P. exspectatus was analyzed in collaboration with the Neher lab and is available at ( )


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Sinha, A., Langnick, C., Sommer, R.J. & Dieterich,C. (2014): Genome-wide analysis of trans-splicing in the nematode Pristionchus pacificus unravels conserved gene functions for germline and dauer development in divergent operons. RNA. 20(9):1386-97. DOI: 10.1261/rna.041954.113